Playing Smart at Online Slot Casinos

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Most seasoned online gamblers who play table or card games are very fond of scoffing at fans of online slot casinos. They feel justified in feeling superior to online slots players because they think that there is absolutely no skilled required in playing slots. Well, they are half right and they are half wrong. It is true that all a slots player has to do to play slots is to 'feed' a slot machine credits and spin the reels. From that point onwards there is nothing else a player can do. However, an experienced online slots player can influence his or her win rate by choosing the right kind of slots games to begin with and playing smart at slot casinos. T

his means learning to identify the right type of slot games of which there are two main types. 'Loose' online slots games pay out smaller amounts fairly often whereas 'tight' online slot games pay out greater amounts less frequently. Most serious online slots players seek out the tight games and play the maximum possible bets for as long as they can. The reason for this is simple – they are aiming for the big win and payout. While the type of slots game is important, so is the way a slots player manages his or her money. This means using your playing funds to your best advantage.

For instance, say you only have $100 to gamble with. You would be foolish to spend it on a $5 slots game with a $25 maximum bet as you may kiss your money goodbye in no time. Rather spend $100 on a $0. 25 slots game where the maximum bet is $1. 25. This would allow you to gamble for longer and give you greater opportunity to win.

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